About Us

From the stripping of reproductive healthcare and lack of accessible childcare, to intense housing and employment discrimination - working class women and transgender people across the country are facing systemic oppression at the hands of the US capitalist state.

Eugene Revolutionary Women's Committee seeks to build a women's movement locally which has the ability to mobilize working class women and trans people toward a broad movement for revolution nationally. This is the only way we can act in solidarity with the international women's movement for liberation! 

We know that women's liberation can only be won through collective revolutionary class struggle, so the participation of the masses of working class women is vital!

Political Objectives

  • Raise class consciousness of the working masses in Eugene and bring working class women into revolutionary organizing.
  • Conduct social investigation and class analysis with a particular concentration on women's struggles.
  • Actively participate in struggles of working class women and lead them toward class struggle.
  • Study and educate the masses with revolutionary ideas, including directing the masses toward other revolutionary organizations when necessary.
  • Unite working people together through collective action.
  • Raise up women leaders within the revolutionary movement.
  • Unite with other women's organizations nationally to build a revolutionary women's movement as one section of a broad revolutionary front. 

Get Involved

We want to hear about the struggles you're facing - whether it's unaffordable or nonexistent childcare, domestic and sexual violence, job and housing discrimination experienced by transgender people, or insufficient reproductive healthcare. We want to hear how women's systemic oppression effects you!

We coordinate meetings of people with similar issues, organize collective actions against enemies of working class women such as predatory bosses and rapist cops, and facilitate study groups to better understand our oppression and how to fight it.

If you would like to get involved, please reach out! No experience with organizing or activism is necessary - whatever your skills or background may be, we want to work with you to incorporate you into the women's movement!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.